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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

'Green Lantern: The Animated Series' Takes Flight

From MTV Geek
It's not too long now until we get the CG adventures of Hal Jordan (and the rest of the Corps, of course) in Green Lantern: The Animated Series, who'll be making their debut sometime late this year.
To tide you over, though, we've got a bit of coverage out of SDCC from the series' showrunners discussing their work creating the Cartoon Network's animated adventures of everyone's favorite ring-slinging space cops as well as a whole mess of preview images.
Bruce Timm seems really excited about the upcoming DC Animated show--especially given that its the first CG entry in the loosely-connected animated universe that's coming up on 20 years since the premiere of Batman: The Animated Series back in 1992. Timm, who was the producer on that series, joins GL as Executive Producer for a show that has a decidedly different tone from the animated adventures of the Bat.
Timm touts the CG element as an added benefit to the space-faring nature of the Green Lantern Corps, explaining that there's even going to be a dash of Star Trek to the series as Hal Jordan and Kilowogg take to the stars in their own spaceship. This speaks to me as giving the show more of an exploratory vibe--instead of simply being space cops, it sounds like the Corp will be more like adventurers who stumble upon situations that can only be resolved via will-powered rings.
Next up, series Writer and Producer Jim Krieg elaborated on the approach to the new show, describing it as a mash-up of genres. (What, sci-fi cops in space wasn't enough?)
Krieg explained that first and foremost, the show will, at its core, be a buddy cop adventure, with Kilowogg as the straight-laced Murtaugh to Hal Jordan's reckless Riggs. What he just described there sounds completely crazy and I would totally watch it, especially if the series was able to get the soulful sax score from the Lethal Weapon movies.
Finally, producer Giancarlo Volpe talked a bit about the heavies in the series, the rage-powered Red Lanterns. In an interesting deviation from the other producers' descriptions of the show, Volpe explains that it'll be more of a space-based war as Hal is pitted against the Red Lanterns. Part of using the relatively new entrants to the ranks of GL enemies, Volpe explains, is that when the movie was in production, the GL: TAS crew was asked to avoid using Sinestro given uncertainty on how strong Mark Strong's character would go towards the dark--er yellow side when all was said and done. So no Sinestro means no Sinestro Corps for the time being, but Volpe doesn't count out seeing the character in the future given where he ends up in the finished film.
Discussing the character designs and "feel" of the show, Volpe says that the series is "very Bruce Timm-y." By this, he means the angular character designs popularized by previous DCAU shows carries over here, with the added CG dimension to them thanks to Timm's regular supervision of the design and character modeling process.
So what do you think? Are you looking forward to another DCAU series?
Green Lantern: The Animated Series makes its premiere later this year on Cartoon Network.
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