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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Brightest Day: The Loose Ends

April 29th, 2011
Author Graeme McMillan from
Okay, so the final issue of Brightest Day may have appeared in stores this week, but the stories are far from over. We already know about two titles spinning off from the series – Brightest Day Aftermath: The Search For Swamp Thing and Geoff Johns, Ivan Reis and Joe Prado’s new Aquaman title – but what about the other central characters in the series? Don’t they deserve some kind of spin-off as well? Spoilers for those who haven’t picked up Brightest Day #24 yet…89 Days And Counting…
The most obvious dangling plot thread is the new countdown before Firestorm “detonates.” Coming from out of nowhere (The Anti-Monitor changed Firestorm somehow, and started a chain reaction that only gives him 90 days to live? And that just gets mentioned in the last issue?), there’s no way that this new plot isn’t a set-up for something already planned to follow up, but where? The solicitation for a Firestorm: The Nuclear Man trade in July tends to suggest we might get a new Firestorm series to accompany the new Aquaman series – but who’s the creative team?
Prediction: New solo series to debut before the end of the year.
Hawkman And… Hawkwind?
Firstly, Geoff Johns and Peter Tomasi: That was really rather unnecessary, keeping Shiera in her air elemental form (Or is she meant to be dead now? I couldn’t quite tell. If she is dead, then, man, you guys. Come on, give the guy a break). Can’t you just let Carter be happy for a little while? This, admittedly, isn’t a plot that needs an immediate follow on, but I can’t believe that this newly tragic (again) hero is going to disappear into obscurity after regaining his heartbroken angry bird status. A return to the Justice Society (or Justice League) in the future, perhaps…?
Prediction: A lead role in a team book before too long, probably accompanied by a new love interest, even though he won’t necessarily realize that for awhile.

Geoff Johns On Green Lantern and Flashpoint

The prolific DC writer gives us the scoop on his upcoming projects.
by Joey Esposito, from

This summer is going to be huge for DC Comics. Between their expansive Flashpoint event series and the Green Lantern movie, fans of the DCU have plenty to be excited about.

Both Green Lantern and Flashpoint are going to be a key part of this year's Free Comic Book Day, which lands on Saturday, May 7th. For those that may not know, Free Comic Book Day is held the first Saturday in May every year nationwide, in an effort to bring new readers of all ages to our wonderful industry. This year, DC is reprinting a piece of Geoff Johns and Ivan Reis' acclaimed Green Lantern: Secret Origin, as well as giving hardcore fans their first glimpse at Flashpoint #1.

We got the change to speak with Geoff about all of this and more!

IGN Comics: Why don't we start with you just telling us what the Free Comic Book Day issue for DC Comics is this year? 

Geoff Johns: Sure! This free Comic Book Day is designed for people who have maybe heard about Green Lantern but don't know who he is. It's got a chapter from Secret Origin in there that really shows off his origin. And then for all the fans and readers who come in every week, like me, there's a preview of Flashpoint in there. 

IGN: Now, you guys have been doing a pretty great job of shrouding Flashpoint in mystery. Is the Free Comic Book Day issue going to shed any light on what exactly the series is about? 

Johns: Just a little bit of it. It's a pretty short preview, but it's really to kind of set the stage for who Barry Allen is, or who the Flash is for people that might not know all the details. And then it just jumps into the story as the preview ends. It's really a Flash/Batman story! 

IGN: Why is now the right time for a Flash-centric event like this? 

Johns: I think he's overdue. I think the Flash is obviously one of DC's best characters and one of the pillars of the DC Universe. If you're naming the top five characters, he's there. I think the Flash has a great canvas to work narrative and stories across, it can involve the whole DC Universe, and it's well past time. But you know what? If we have to wait for Andy Kubert's beautiful art, then I'm fine with that. It is awesome. 

IGN: You know, I put out a call for questions yesterday on Twitter, and a lot of fans have been asking about where Wally West is. Are we going to be seeing Wally in Flashpoint at all? 

Johns: It's more focused on Barry and the DC Universe. 

IGN: Alright, fair enough. Now, the other half of the FCBD issue is a reprinting of a chapter of Green Lantern: Secret Origin. 

Johns: Yeah, it's the second chapter. It's really where Hal gets the ring from Abin Sur. 

IGN: That's fitting, especially since you were at WonderCon for the debut of the new Green Lantern footage – how has the reaction been? 

Johns: Crazy! You saw it right? 

IGN: I did, I loved it. 

Free Comic Book Day Is Only One Week Away

Free Comic Book Day is a single day - the first Saturday in May each year - when participating comic book shops across North America and around the world give away comic books absolutely FREE* to anyone who comes into their stores. *Check with your local shop for their participation and rules.

(W) Geoff Johns (A) Ivan Reis, Andy Kubert This is the perfect jumping-on point for new readers who can't wait to see the Green Lantern major motion picture from Warner Bros.! Discover how and why Hal received the power ring that changed his life forever with this reprinting of Green Lantern #30, a pivotal chapter of the Green Lantern: Secret Origin graphic novel by Geoff Johns and Ivan Reis. Plus: No comic fan can afford to miss this exclusive first sneak peek of Flashpoint, DC's blockbuster event of 2011, by the all-star team of Geoff Johns and Andy Kubert! Pages: 40, FREE!
Click the link for a free preview

Thursday, April 28, 2011

New Batman The Brave And The Bold Episode To Feature GL and Star Sapphire

Friday, May 27th, 2011 at 6:30pm (ET) - "#56 Scorn of the Star Sapphire!" -- New!
Batman teams up with Green Lantern Hal Jordan to face the evil Star Sapphire!

Ryan Reynolds Calls His 'Green Lantern' Character A 'Reimagining'

Star talks of the challenges of combining fanboys' wishes with his own.

Ryan Reynolds knows his "Green Lantern" lore. He has committed Hal Jordan's signature oath to memory and can speak knowledgably about lesser-known characters like Bzzd. And as a devoted fan of the DC Comics series, he understands the pressure that comes along with a big-screen adaptation.
The weight of fan expectation was all the greater after the initial "Green Lantern" trailer was not exactly warmly embraced. But following the debut of fresh footage at CinemaCon last month, opinion has shifted. "I feel better," Reynolds admitted to MTV News, which is debuting a very cool character banner as part of our Summer Movie Preview week.
In a later interview, he expanded on those comments about the burden of bringing "Green Lantern" to the multiplex on June 17. "This one is particularly challenging because you want to get it right for so many people coming in with a built-in expectation," he explained. "It's one thing to do it for a film when you're inventing a character that nobody's heard of. That's great. It's another when you're reimagining a character that people have known for decades. So that's not an insignificant challenge.
"You want to come in there and bring them something that is truly memorable and is exactly what they want blended with exactly what I want, because I am the guy that's got to do it," he added. "It's exciting. There are challenges."
Yet Reynolds maintains that the film's story will be one that appeals not just to the fanboys but also to a broader audience: His Hal Jordan is an egocentric test pilot who transforms, thanks to a Green Lantern power ring, to a universe-protecting superhero. As Reynolds put it, "This is a guy that goes from a reckless, walking mishap to a guy with a higher calling, and he really rises to that occasion and experiences real humility and purpose for the first time in his life. That's a story I think a lot of people will gravitate toward."

From MTV By Eric Ditzian.


Originally Posted by: Byron Brewer.  First introduced in GL in 1985, Mogo is a sentient planet, technically genderless but often casually referred to as male. When it is desired, its affiliation with the Corps is marked with foliage arranged into a green band, marked with the standard Green Lantern Corps symbol, circling Mogo's equatorial area.
In its early appearances, Mogo is not a social Green Lantern and its interactions with the rest of the DCUare not well documented. It avoids announcing its presence, preferring to represent itself using pseudonymous holograms. In Mogo's first appearance, it is explained that the planet-sized Mogo's gravitational field would wreak havoc on any other planet it would try to “visit;” hence Mogo “doesn't socialize.”
Bolphunga the Unrelenting was one of Mogo's first direct adversaries; having tracked the legendary Green Lantern Mogo to the planet where he apparently “resided,” Bolphunga subsequently spent years searching the planet for Mogo, examining various plants and animals for any sign of a power ring, until closer examination of patterns in the foliage prompted him to realize just what Mogo really was, prompting him to flee Mogo in a panic.
In one incident, it sent holograms to purchase Lobo’s dolphins. When Lobo tried to retrieve them, a Mogo hologam persuaded him not to. Lobo never discovered he was dealing with a sentient planet. At the same time, Mogo has allowed alien races to live on its surface and has been willing to change its climatic conditions to suit them. These inhabitants of Mogo may not always know that their home is alive and watching them.
When Parallax, who was at that time inhabiting the body of Hal Jordan, destroyed the power battery on Oa and slew the Guardians, Mogo lost contact with the Green Lantern energy that helped sustain him. He traveled to Sector 1014 to seek the aid of Ch’p, unaware that his friend had died long ago. Having relied on the emerald energy of the power battery to sustain him, Mogo lost consciousness and drifted through Sector 1014 until he was discovered by a nomadic alien race. These aliens proceeded to strip Mogo of his natural resources and pollute his environment. Mogo's body reacted instinctively, creating constructs to hinder the aliens' efforts to exploit his resources. Mogo was finally rescued by Kyle Rayner, who used his power ring to reawaken the sleeping giant. Mogo offered to allow the aliens to settle on him and offered to take care of all their needs, but the stubborn beings chose to abandon their settlements. Mogo later revealed to Rayner that he was relieved the aliens had left, and that he had planned to give them terrible weather in retaliation for their pollution.
(By the way, this storyline contradicts a Green Lantern Annual where Kyle faces the bodies of many dead Green Lanterns, Mogo included, all of whom try to destroy him.)

Fan Made Banner.

Movie Banner Featuring The Corps.

New TV Spot For The Movie

New Movie Poster.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Welcome to The Brightest Day, The Blackest Night

First I would like to say welcome, I plan to make this a very interesting and cool site so enjoy the ride.
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