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Thursday, August 30, 2012

GEOFF JOHNS Opens A Pandora's Box Green Lantern Annual #1


Naturally, there are SPOILERS ahead. If you read on, considered yourself warned.

The Guardians vs. the Green Lantern Corps

Wow. Green Lantern Annual #1 was so full of teases for what's coming in the future of the Green Lantern Universe that it's tough to know where to begin.

Central to all of them, though, is this idea of the Guardians turning on the Green Lantern Corps. Yes, we've known for awhile this was coming, as the four "Lantern" titles teased it. But it was still shocking to see how nasty the Guardians could become, as they manipulated and imprisoned Black Hand and this mysterious "First Lantern," then proceeded to create truly horrific creatures they call the "Third Army."

Most notable, perhaps, is that the Annual revealed there are other Guardians who have been hidden away for eons. We're hoping they become they take over soon, because the current Guardians were revealed to be downright evil in this Annual. And we don't see how they could ever be redeemed.

So if the Green Lantern Corps has to eliminate the nasty little blue jerks who are now Guardians (and man, we can't believe this, but we're actually hoping they do...), there's always a chance the "old" Guardians could keep the concept alive.

Even More Green Lantern Concepts

Johns has already added so much to the Green Lantern universe since he revamped the title back in 2005. But it doesn't look like he's slowing down on the new concepts and characters.

Not only does the Green Lantern universe now face the assimilating powers of the Third Army (which will play out during the "Rise of the Third Army" crossover this fall), but there are several other potential threats and conflicts teased in the Green Lantern Annual.

As mentioned above, the Corps will have to deal with the Guardians themselves. But we have a feeling this First Lantern will also play an important role in upcoming stories. Who is he? Why was he imprisoned? What danger does he pose to the universe that would convince the Guardians to lock him away so extensively, even guarding his prison themselves?

We also have these "old" Guardians, who appear to be better than their newer counterparts, but who's to say? Will the escape?

And of course, we still have the threat of Black Hand, and the whole problem of Hal and Sinestro being locked away in Black Hand's ring. They don't have Green Lantern rings anymore. Could they team up with this First Lantern? Or the new Guardians? Or can any of these new guys be trusted?

Johns told Newsarama back in July that there would be more big stuff coming in the Green Lantern universe after "Third Army."

"Rise of the Third Army is not actually, not quite an event, it's the prologue to the next story that immediately follows it," Johns said. "I don't know how to explain it much better than that so hopefully that makes sense!"

And this Annual certainly paved the way for that to prove true.

Whether all these teases of future storylines excite you or not, you've got to admit, Johns gave readers a lot of stuff to ponder as DC entire the "Zero Month" in September.

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