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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Preview : Green Lantern Corps #24 And Van Jensen Talks Lights Out

From Newsarama

As the Green Lantern Corps struggles to battle Relic during the current "Lights Out" crossover, writer Van Jensen's story is heading toward a showdown between John Stewart and Hal Jordan — a confrontation that's tied to John was a marine during Zero Year.

This week's Green Lantern Corps #24 will be the second chapter in "Lights Out," picking up the story after last week's Green Lantern #24, which saw a devastating defeat of the Corps by the villain known as Relic.

After "Lights Out," Green Lantern Corps will be tying into Batman: Zero Year, showing a story from John's time as a Marine, before he became a Green Lantern. Co-writer Van Jensen promises that the Zero Year story relates directly to what's happening in the present of the Green Lantern Universe, showing why John might be unhappy with the direction of the Corps under the leadership of Hal Jordan.

Then in December's Green Lantern Corps #26, solicitations indicate that Hal and John will go head-to-head for the leadership of the Corps.

Jensen co-writes Green Lantern Corps with the Green Lantern writer, Robert Venditti. Prior to joining the Green Lantern team, Jensen wrote the acclaimed indie series Pinocchio: Vampire Slayer.

Newsarama talked to Jensen to find out more about what's coming up in Green Lantern Corps during "Lights Out" and beyond.

Click here for the interview of Van Jensen.

And check out an interview with Bernard Chang over at Comicvine for more lights out.

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