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Friday, November 29, 2013



Here is a part of there interview with Tony Bedard, check out the full interview here.

CBR News: The Red Lantern news is huge, so lets talk for a moment about her move over to the Lantern corner of the DCU. How tied-into the events of the ongoing "Red Lantern" comic will she be? Is this a case where Guy Gardner and the other Ysmault Lanterns will be supporting characters, or appear in both books?

Tony Bedard: "Red Lanterns" writer Charles Souled I are still working that out. I anticipate some fun stuff between Red Lantern Kara and Bleez, who would make an awesome odd-couple. I don't see the books being linked lock step in the way that the GL books sometimes are, though.

CBR News: Is becoming a Red Lantern a permanent move for Kara? After this first arc will her grappling with being a Red Lantern be a driving force in the comic?

Tony Bedard: I definitely want to use this change to explore her character and to bring about a more positive direction for Supergirl in the long term, but I think it's safe to say she won't be a Red Lantern forever. On the other hand, this isn't change for change's sake, nor is it a throwaway storyline. This is a big deal and a turning point for her. If you care at all about Supergirl, you won't want to miss this storyline.

CBR News: Along those lines, as a Kryptonian, was Kara aware of the existence of the Red Lanterns, or the Lantern Corps in general? Or does the Red Ring blindside her, and change the way she perceives herself?

Tony Bedard: I don't think she was aware of the Red Lantern Corps. Supergirl is still trying to get her bearings in the DCU and find her place in it. She's going to get much more than she bargained for when that red ring offers her a chance to finally belong somewhere.
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