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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Soule And Vendetti Join Force In Green Lanterns/Red Lanterns

From CBR

The various Lantern Corps of the DC Universe have been having a rough 2013.

Under the pens of the current Green Lantern creative teams, the Corps fought, and were nearly destroyed, in the "Lights Out" event, which introduced the villain Relic and the idea that there is a finite amount of emotional energy in the universe. Suffering in the aftermath of Relic's threat, a situation exasperated by the poor decisions of the now-deposed Guardians of Oa, the Green and Red Lanterns receive another shock in February as Atrocitus and brand new Red Lantern Supergirl threaten the balance of Sector 2814.

Joining forces to discuss their giant-sized collaboration on "Green Lantern/Red Lanterns" issue #28, writer Robert Venditti and writer Charles Soule spoke with CBR about the flip issue, why they decided to make Supergirl a Red Lantern -- and the correct pronunciation of "Atrocitus."

CBR News: There's a lot of stuff going on in both books at the moment, so who was it that had the initial idea to do a flip-book combining the two issues in #28 into one large issue, rather than do a regular crossover or other tie-in or event?

Robert Venditti: Want me to take this one, Charles?

Charles Soule: You should do it, because it was your idea and you should take full credit for it -- whether it ends up being a terrible disaster or not, it was all your idea! [Laughter]

Venditti: We really all came up with the idea together for how the Red Lanterns would end up getting Sector 2814 and the story behind it. In the first storyline, Charles had started out by having this idea that the Red Lanterns should get their own sector; we just started talking about it and had a very cool creative moment where we came to the same exact conclusion together: "Wouldn't it be cool if they got 2814?" We had this story we thought would be really fun, and now it's just a matter of getting people to read it!

I think the important thing is the content was there first, and then we [thought] of a way to get it into as many people's hands as possible. The idea of doing it as a flip book rather than doing it as two issues, separated by three weeks -- we just were trying to give everyone the story at once at a great price. They're getting twenty pages for free, because they are getting both "Red Lanterns" and "Green Lantern" for $2.99, and it really showcases what both books are about -- and brings more attention to "Red Lanterns," because Charles is doing such a fantastic job over there. We thought this would give retailers a tool to hopefully expand the readership on "Red Lanterns" and "Green Lantern" in general -- and have some fun with it! I talked to DC about that, there was a huge presentation we did with print costs and everything! [Laughs]

At the end, they decided to take a shot on it; we're pretty psyched about it, and hopefully fans will like the story!

Click here for the full interview.
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