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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Who Would Be The Right Green Lantern For The DC Movie Universe

There a lot of discussion who should be the Green Lantern in Batman Vs Superman and Justice League, Hal or John. There can be arguments for both as well as who should play them. But this is more about which character, Hal being the first and main GL seems to be the obvious choice he would give balance to the team. John is familiar from previous incarnations of the Justice League in cartoons and with the "bad taste" left with many from the GL movie it could give GL a fresh start so to speak. Many Green Lantern diehards seem to be preferring Hal myself included, editorials on both the Blog Of Oa and also favor Hal, and they both make very valid points to why. It's nothing against John, and while they may make it all work out, there is a history and there is room for all but one has to be first and it should be Hal.
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