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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Preview: Smallville: Lantern

From IGN

Finally, we have Smallville: Lantern, where we return to the Smallville Universe to see Superman put on the most powerful weapon in the universe -- Green Lantern's ring. Writer Bryan Q. Miller explains the context of what we will see in this new story.

"The big central push for the arc is a stand-alone dilemma  -- being a Green Lantern -- that introduces the audience through Clark’s eyes to an as-yet-unexplored arm of the DCU. That’s not to say that the story doesn’t have its roots in bits and pieces of other stories from this season and previous ones: taking another look at Season 11’s “Argo” gives your first hint as to how and why a Lantern ring finds its way to our hero," Miller said.

"And, much like “Olympus” earlier this season when we introduced Wonder Woman, there are consequences coming out of the arc that factor into the next episode and beyond in a very big way. As we’ve been doing, the television series and the printed season so far are a part of the same tapestry, and threads connect back and forth in interesting ways."

He also had this to say about his collaborator, artist Marcio Takara, who has just joined the Smallville creative team: "We generally had different directors for written episodes on the show, so it isn’t all that bizarre to have different artists on each arc/mini in Season 11. Every artist has their own take on action and drama, character -- it helps keeps things fresh from a visual and narrative perspective. As far as Marcio, I’d been lobbying to get him aboard for something with us for a while now -- he did pencils and inks on my Kickstarter last year. I love his work, and working with him, so it was something that just had to happen at some point. Scheduling-wise, Marcio became available right as Lantern was coming up. He does 'cosmic' really well, so the subject matter for this arc was and is a natural fit."
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