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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Brightest Day: The Loose Ends

April 29th, 2011
Author Graeme McMillan from
Okay, so the final issue of Brightest Day may have appeared in stores this week, but the stories are far from over. We already know about two titles spinning off from the series – Brightest Day Aftermath: The Search For Swamp Thing and Geoff Johns, Ivan Reis and Joe Prado’s new Aquaman title – but what about the other central characters in the series? Don’t they deserve some kind of spin-off as well? Spoilers for those who haven’t picked up Brightest Day #24 yet…89 Days And Counting…
The most obvious dangling plot thread is the new countdown before Firestorm “detonates.” Coming from out of nowhere (The Anti-Monitor changed Firestorm somehow, and started a chain reaction that only gives him 90 days to live? And that just gets mentioned in the last issue?), there’s no way that this new plot isn’t a set-up for something already planned to follow up, but where? The solicitation for a Firestorm: The Nuclear Man trade in July tends to suggest we might get a new Firestorm series to accompany the new Aquaman series – but who’s the creative team?
Prediction: New solo series to debut before the end of the year.
Hawkman And… Hawkwind?
Firstly, Geoff Johns and Peter Tomasi: That was really rather unnecessary, keeping Shiera in her air elemental form (Or is she meant to be dead now? I couldn’t quite tell. If she is dead, then, man, you guys. Come on, give the guy a break). Can’t you just let Carter be happy for a little while? This, admittedly, isn’t a plot that needs an immediate follow on, but I can’t believe that this newly tragic (again) hero is going to disappear into obscurity after regaining his heartbroken angry bird status. A return to the Justice Society (or Justice League) in the future, perhaps…?
Prediction: A lead role in a team book before too long, probably accompanied by a new love interest, even though he won’t necessarily realize that for awhile.
Boston Brand, Re-RIP
Well, Deadman seems to have a whole new mission, even if he doesn’t want it. “The people on this planet who have given up on life still need your help,” says the White Lantern, so is Boston now officially the ghost who’ll help people embrace life? That’s a potentially interesting new hook for the character, but not one that would necessarily help it succeed in the direct market – However, if you’re looking for a good way to make the character into a mainstream television series, it’s kind of ABC-friendly, don’t you think? Hmm…
Prediction: The occasional guest-shot, perhaps a mini-series, but Boston’s had his day in the sun for now, I suspect.
Poor J’Onn J’Onzz
Of all the central Brightest Day characters, J’Onn’s the one that gets the closest thing to closure in the final issue. I’d complain that he doesn’t have any mysteries or cliffhangers left to solve, but isn’t that kind of J’Onn’s thing, to be the stable influence in the background? Always the plot bridesmaid, never the plot bride (Although, considering his Brave New World-era mini-series, that might be for the best)…
Prediction: If anyone at DC has any sense, he should get back to the Justice League as soon as possible. Didn’t anyone learn from Grant Morrison’s example?
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