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Wednesday, April 9, 2014


From Newsarama

As announced in January, Wizkids is introducing DC HeroClix: War of Light, a six-month storyline Organized Play program starting in June 2014. See Wizkids site for more on the OP program, or click here for a HeroClix store locator to find participating stores near you!

In an epic rollout over the next several weeks, we’ll be working with Wizkids on revealing all-new HeroClix sets based entirely in the corner of the DC Universe belonging to Green Lantern. We’ll have looks at every corps (yes, every) and in-depth looks at individual heroes and villains who will join the fray as part of the massive new War of Light collection.

Kicking things off today is the Green Lantern Corps itself. The GLC harnesses the green light of willpower, and while there are enough of them in the comics to patrol every sector of space, you’ll soon have enough to patrol at least every inch of your desk.

Along with new figurines of individual heroes, however, come the new Power Battery and Ring sets (and yes, those are coming for other corps, too). The new sets work together, greatly boosting the force of your Green Lantern Corps. Adding a Ring adds +1 to any Green Lantern Corpsman - or makes any other character able to harness Willpower.

The Power Battery ratchets up the power levels even more. Assigned to a Ring and 1-6 constructs, other corps members can use the abilities of each other via the Battery and Ring. The Battery can also upgrade constructs, and create a barrier, as well as other defensive capabilities (the full list is on the card above, click to enlarge).

Tune in on Friday for more on the Green Lantern Corps, including individual looks at seven of the new War of Light GLC characters, and come back next Wednesday for the next HeroClix Corps reveal, featuring a corps that is "parallel" to this one!
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