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Saturday, April 26, 2014

Some GL News From The C2E2 2014: DC All Access Panel

Here is some Green Lantern news from the panel.
Red Lanterns currently features Supergirl as the newest member, and the Red Lanterns are now the sole protectors of Earth and its sector, 2814, kicking the Green Lanterns out. But Guy Gardner took the Red Lantern Corps from Atrocitus, and he's been gaining power trying to get the Corps back.
Another new Red Lantern called "The Judge" was just introduced, as well. "We're building up to the big conflict between Guy Gardner and Atrocitus. I just finished that issue, and I tried to give you as many 'oh my god' moments as I could in that. They go to Earth, and the Grand Canyon gets melted..."
"Oh, and Guy has a sweet mustache now."
And some Earth 2 GL news.
Earth 2 was next, and artist Nicola Scott represented the creative team. "Tom Taylor has been brilliant about adding more levity to a book that's really about the slow destruction of a planet. Having these light character moments with Jimmy for comedy or Val who's fresh and innocent." In the next issue, though, "Green Lantern has a speech for everybody else that sums up what state the Earth is really in, and it's really not good. There is stuff coming I don't even know how to talk about because it's just crazy."
Of a particular scene in Earth 2 #22, she said it was fun to "sneak in a butt shot" of Alan Scott with a laugh.
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