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Thursday, June 6, 2013

5.2 Reasons To Keep Exploring The Green Lantern Universe

From DC

1. Hal Jordan: Leader of the Corps

Normally a hotheaded, look-before-he-leaps solo act, Hal Jordan finds himself in a role he himself doesn’t think he’s qualified for in GREEN LANTERN #21: that of a leader. We’re admittedly a little inclined to agree (he can barely handle the responsibility of a relationship). However, Venditti opened his first issue with a flash forward, showing a Hal Jordan in charge of a group of new recruits under fire—and doing a dang good job of leading them in battle. It’ll be interesting to see him go from where he is now to the leader we’ll see then.

2. A Unified Universe

Part of the awesomeness of the previous GL regime was how tied together everything felt. The new creative teams seem to be keeping to this tradition, but in their own way. You don’t need to read every book to understand what happens in each individually, but reading all of them together often allows you to see the same moments from different perspectives. In Green Lantern, when Larfleeze attacks, Hal’s at the forefront and sends out a call for help and the other Lanterns show up. In Corps, you’re following the other Lanterns when suddenly that call comes out and they have to respond. There’s a lot of similar instances throughout, and it makes for a very cool experience.

3. Red Lantern Guy Gardner

There isn’t much we’re going to say here because, you know, spoilers—but if the cover to RED LANTERNS #21 is any indication, Guy Gardner is going to be seeing red pretty soon. What we WILL say is that it’s going to be pretty rad.

4. The New Guardians

Right off the bat, these guys are pretty great. Sure the old Guardians were fun and it was creepily cool to see them go completely bananers but they’re gone now and while it’s sad to see them go, besides Ganthet and Sayd, the rest of them didn’t really have any personalities—which was, you know, the point. As the New Guardians themselves point out, they’ve been “locked in a box” for a long time and it’s interesting to see them out and exploring the galaxy and reacting to things with emotion and curiosity.

5. Larfleeze Gets His Own Series

This one practically speaks for itself. Spinning out of Threshold, the greediest being in the universe gets a title of his own. We expect much hilarity to ensue—especially with Giffen and DeMatteis behind the wheel. Check out their fantastic Formerly Known as the Justice League limited series for a taste of what to expect.

5.1 Space Shark!

5.2 In With the New (Recruits)

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