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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Larfleeze #1 Keith Giffen And Scott Kolins : The Orange Lantern Steals the Spotlight

From IGN 

IGN Comics: Why Larfleeze? I think he’s a blast, but what’s appealing to you about the character?

Scott Kolins: Something different. There aren’t many books out there where the main character is a lunatic. Oh, and I do like the hair.

Keith Giffen: The built in irreverence. I mean, he's the living embodiment of greed. How can you not love that?

IGN: Where do we find Larfleeze in this series? What’s his status quo after the events of the First Lantern story?

Giffen: We pick up on Larfleeze just minutes after his Threshold back-up, depressed and bereft. That said, you do not have to have read the Threshold back-ups to get into Larfleeze #1. Everything you need to know is in there.

IGN: Can we expect to see more of Larfleeze’s history in this book, or are we just moving forward?

Giffen: A good bit of both with the focus on looking forward.

IGN: Scott, how did you come on board this book? What’s the biggest challenge of doing a character like this?

Kolins: Keith and I did some great Larfleeze back-ups in Threshold so DC asked us. Biggest challenge? Same as all the characters – make sure he stays interesting. Always try and pack more in.

IGN: Does the nature of this book allow you to stretch your muscles in a different way than you would on a typical superhero book?

Kolins: Larfleeze’s outrageous attitude does force me to be more… bold sometimes in character ways I usually haven’t done. There’s been a lot of spit, that’s for sure. There is also more dark comedy in this than probably any other book I’ve done – but I have to balance that with massive battles and twisted perspective tales. This book jumps all over. There is nothing typical about this book..

IGN: Is this going to feature primarily Larfleeze’s adventures, or will the other Corps be factoring in in a significant way?

Kolins: Yes of course – wait, did Keith say no? Um…

IGN: Keith, you're handling plot and breakdowns. How does that process typically work between you and your collaborators?

Giffen: Pretty simple really. I plot and break down the story. Marc dialogs from the breakdowns. Scott gets both breakdowns and script and takes it from there. Scott's got such a good story sense that the breakdowns are open to interpretation on his part. Makes my job that much easier.

Kolins: It’s actually VERY complicated. We’re geniuses.

IGN: Scott, is it an adjustment for you creatively to work from breakdowns?

Kolins: I’ve worked with Keith’s great breakdowns before. Sometimes I stick to them strongly and other times I put more me into them, just depends on the day and if his images stick with me or they inspire other images as well. I keep thinking of it as Marc and I adding meat to the bone of Keith’s stories.
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