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Saturday, January 18, 2014

Geoff Johns On Sinestro, Hal And His Return To Green Lantern

From IGN, here is part of an interview with Geoff Johns about Forever Evil.

IGN: I also wanted to ask you about Sinestro's unexpected appearance at the end of Forever Evil #4. When you wrote your Green Lantern finale -- which I loved -- it was written with such finality that I thought we weren’t going to see Sinestro for a long time, and he’s already back. I’m interested to hear, when you wrote that finale, did you know that you were going to bring him back so soon? And did you know he would be getting his own series?

GJ: I didn’t know that he was going to be getting his own series, but I did know that we were going to be bringing him back in Forever Evil. I knew that he would never see Hal Jordan, and for me, the finale was about Sinestro and Hal Jordan. And we’ll see why Sinestro shows up in Forever Evil and what his role is, but he won’t be interacting with any Green Lanterns, save for Power Ring, who is technically not a Green Lantern. I knew he was going to play a role in Forever Evil, but for me the finality of Green Lantern #20, on a lot of levels, was the flash-forwards to the Book of Oa and ending of days for Green Lantern and ending of the tales of the Green Lanterns, but the ending for me, the real finality, was the relationship between Sinestro and Hal Jordan. With that, it wasn’t so much about saying we’ll never see Sinestro again, but that I was up for writing Sinestro or Hal Jordan again, but just not together.

IGN: I see what you’re saying. It maintains the integrity of the finale because they never meet.

GJ: Exactly. The emotional finality of that is between Sinestro and Hal. That’s what I didn’t want to disrupt. I didn’t want Sinestro and Hal to meet. It was way too early to have those characters meet again. Ethan Van Sciver and I talked about doing Green Lantern again some day, but it’s not going to be for a long, long time.

IGN: That’s interesting to hear! One last thing before we go, when Hal Jordan and Sinestro finally see eye-to-eye, that won our IGN Best Comic Book Moment of 2013. So congrats on that.

GJ: Oh, thanks. Awesome.
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