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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Green Lantern Day Charles Soule Signing And Live Q&A

Did you know that this February 8th is 2.8.14?! (And according to Green Lantern 2814 is Earth's sector). Well we can't let this go by without celebrating it as Lantern Day!

And since the Red Lanterns current patrol 2814, we'll have their scribe, Charles Soule, here! Guy Gardner will be here too! The first 28 people to show up will get a free Green Lantern/Red Lanterns #28. We'll have other raffles and door prizes too (including an all-the-damn-books-Soule-wrote-this-year prize pack). 

At 2PM we'll be doing a live interview and Q & A with Soule hosted by Nerdy Show! We've got some surprises in store and if you've seen the Nerdy Show Live Pilot you might have an idea of the kinds of things we're going to get up to ( Soule writes seven freaking books a month. He's also a lawyer, so have some legal questions ready. 

Soule writes: Red Lanterns, Superman/Wonder Woman, Swamp Thing, Thunderbolts, She-Hulk, Inhuman, and Letter 44! He also did the crazy awesome 27 and more! Get some stuff signed!

It happens at The Geek Easy, check out the Facebook page here.
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