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Thursday, January 30, 2014

In A Post-Geoff Johns Green Lantern Franchise, Which Books Are Worth Your Buck?

From IGN

Writer Geoff Johns spent nine years crafting an epic tale that reinvented the Green Lantern mythology and reinvigorated long-standing characters. Sounds like a tough act to follow, doesn't it?

When Johns departed the Green Lantern franchise after Green Lantern #20 back in May 2013, every title in the franchise received a new creative team and a new title, Larfleeze, was added to the lineup. Wasting no time, new Green Lantern writer Robert Venditti immediately set to work shaking up the status quo. He orchestrated a crossover event called Lights Out where he introduced a villain named Relic who held a universe-shattering secret.

Post-Lights Out, the Green Lantern franchise is a wildly different place. This is a good thing because it has a great deal of variety now. Something for everybody. Best of all, now is a great time to jump on if you are a lapsed reader or a new reader who is interested in Green Lantern but don’t know where to start.

Take a look here at the different Lantern titles and see which stories about these space cops are for you.
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