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Friday, June 10, 2011

Brisk Iced Tea Recruits Green Lantern, Kenneth Rocafort For New Flavor Launch

PepsiCo and Lipton are releasing a new flavor of Brisk Iced Tea this summer — Brisk Green Tea with Mango Dragonfruit. And with a name like that, it naturally will have a promotional tie-in with the big Green Lantern film that opens next week.

As you can see to the right, the can features Ryan Reynolds/Hal Jordan and other members of the Green Lantern Corps. Following the Green Lanternpromotional period, a new comic-inspired design by Kenneth Rocafort will appear on the packaging. Rocafort is the artist on the DC Comics reboot title Red Hood & the Outlaws, which comes out in September.

From the press release:
In keeping with Brisk’s tradition of putting creative control of the package artwork into the hands and heart of an artist, Brisk and Warner Bros. Studios chose well-known DC Comics artist Kenneth Rocafort to give Green Tea with Mango Dragonfruit a look that aligns with both what’s inside and the epic film, Green Lantern. The artwork reinforces the unique connection between green tea and the “green energy” that fuels the “Green Lantern” Corps, and serves as the first of a two-series design partnership. Following the Green Lantern promotional period, a new comic-inspired design by Kenneth will live on all Green Tea with Mango Dragonfruit packaging.
“I’m excited about this unique partnership with a progressive brand,” says Kenneth Rocafort. “It’s not every day that an artist is given the opportunity to create art in this way.”
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