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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Thank You To The Fans, Followers, And Friends Of My Blog

Green Lantern By George Perez
Where to start, about two months ago I started this blog. I had no idea how or where this would go, but it has been a pretty incredible ride. I had goals for it and I knew with the movie coming out that would help but I never expected it to go as well as it has. In the first month (May) it had 1500 page views, far more then I thought it would, and in June it tripled that which blew me away. I have tried to make this blog something special giving it it's own features (Saturday Showcase for example) and not just be another GL blog and I plan to make it even better in the future. I would like to thank all who have visited my blog, with a few special thank yous. Jeff Candela (Moose (or Doom) from the GLCMB) for giving me the heads up to the news stuff, Christoph Batjeepster my post about your rings are some of the most popular post on my blog, Jim Beard (Facebook) and Ed Irvin (Superlantern on GLCMB) for plugging my blog, and all the rest of my GLC buddys, thanks guys and gals! Going forward things my be a little slow with less GL news but I will work hard to keep this blog as interesting as possible, I will continue to add to the image and customs galleries, come up with new features, and hopefully have some great news and interviews from NYCC 2011 in October. I look forward to having fun with this and I hope all that view it enjoy it, thanks Mike.
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