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Sunday, June 26, 2011

My Take On The Green Lantern Movie Reviews

Those who have view my blog and my review of the Green Lantern movie may have wondered why I haven't posted other reviews of the film. I am fine with some of the other reviews good or bad but there have been many that just were not fair reviews of the film. Many left me wondering if they even saw the movie before hand and I didn't want to be seen as "playing favorites" with the reviews I posted. Two reviews that I feel really show that some of these reviewers have no clue were in People magazine and Rolling Stone magazine. Both were just horrible in there take on the film, the actors, writers, and even the director. In the People review they made it sound like even Ryan Reynolds couldn't save the film, didn't mention Mark Strong's performance (which was the best in the film in my opinion) and claimed that Hal's back-story was taken from the movie Top Gun. The character in Top Gun was actually partially based on Hal not the other way around that they said. In the Rolling Stone review they knock everyone even saying the writers got it wrong by saying Hal was the first earth Green Lantern, they said it was Alan Scott. Alan Scott was the first Green Lantern in the comics introduced in the late 1930's but he has nothing to do with Hal's origin in the comics, his powers are different. But that is the comic book universe not the movie universe which are very much different, Alan doesn't even exist in the movie universe. This seems to be there best argument for knocking the movie. With these type of reviews I rather people judge this movie, or any movie for that matter, on it's own merits and not by the reviews, even mine. Having seen the film, knowing the comic, and having an open mind I took all the reviews with a grain of salt and judge it for myself, you should too. Thank you, Mike.
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