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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

CLASSIC COMICS : Green Lantern Vol 2 #129 "The Attack Of The Star Sapphire!"

Green Lantern Vol 2 #129
June, 1980
Executive Editor: Joe Orlando
Cover Artists: Jim Starlin

"The Attack Of The Star Sapphire!"
Writers: Dennis O'Neil
Pencilers: Joe Staton
Inkers: Frank McLaughlin
Colourists: Anthony Tollin
Letterers: Todd Klein
Editors: Jack C. Harris

Appearing in "The Attack Of The Star Sapphire!"
Featured Characters: Green Lantern (Hal Jordan)
Villains: Star Sapphire
General Fabrikant
Other Characters: Tom Kalmaku
Rance Rideout
Locations: Coast City
Ferris Aircraft
Coast City Police Museum
Ferris Mansion
Items: Green Lantern Ring
Green Lantern Power Battery
Star Sapphire Gem

Synopsis for "The Attack Of The Star Sapphire!"
General Fabrikant gains mental control of Carol Ferris, forces her to change into Star Sapphire, and assigns her first to kill Hal Jordan, then Green Lantern.

Review from
In this issue of Green Lantern, released in June 1980 from DC Comics, entitled “Attack of the Star Sapphire” it was written by Denny O’Neil, penciled by Joe Staton, inked by Frank McLaughlin, colored by Anthony Tollin, lettered by Todd Klein, and Jack C. Harris was the editor.

First of all, the way female characters, especially since potential love interests were written back in the day were rather interesting and different. They acted rather hostile and quite…well like a certain word that rhymes with “witch” that starts with a “b” for lack of a better term. If they acted like a fraction of that, the comic book fans on the Internet would tear them down and call for their violent and bloodshed death.

Carol Ferris always tended to be an interesting character and obviously when you run a business, you’re going to be a bit high strung and perhaps prone to fits of insanity. But there are times where she rails on poor Hal Jordan just for simply being the Green Lantern and perhaps just existing.

Of course her villainous alter ego, the Star Sapphire, back before the Star Sapphires got expanded on, is very normal person gets twisted by a psychotic alter ego. And the villain in this issue mind controlling her to kill Hal Jordan and then the Green Lantern.

The cover was interesting with Hal Jordan and Green Lantern side by side, but even more so, when it is expanded on in the issue. And the way he defeated General Fabrikant worked well. Plus the end with Hal and Carol proved that perhaps some healing could occur with their friendship (or maybe more). Perhaps, maybe, you never know.

Overall another good Green Lantern read.

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