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Monday, February 18, 2013

CLASSIC COMICS : Green Lantern Vol 2 #74 "Lost In Space"

Green Lantern Vol 2 #74
January, 1970
Executive Editor: Carmine Infantino
Cover Artists: Gil Kane

"Lost In Space"
Writers: Mike Friedrich
Pencilers: Gil Kane
Inkers: Murphy Anderson
Editors: Julius Schwartz

Appearing in "Lost In Space"
Featured Characters: Green Lantern (Hal Jordan)
Supporting Characters: Thomas Kalmaku
Villains: Sinestro
Star Sapphire (Carol Ferris)
Other Characters: Terga Kalmaku
Keith Kalmaku
Locations: Coast City
Items: Green Lantern Ring
Green Lantern Power Battery
Yellow Power Ring
Star Sapphire Gem

Synopsis for "Lost In Space"
Story continued from last issue.... Hal Jordan has been transported into space and stripped of all his memories of being Green Lantern by Star Sapphire. With no memory of how he got there, Hal begins to go mad, and when he wishes he could make a toy rocket that he has in his pocket take him home he unconsciously activates his power ring which turns the toy into the real thing, causing the Green Lantern to remember who he is and return to Earth.
There, Green Lantern learns that Sinestro is behind the resurrection of Star Sapphire and hopes to use her to destroy his most hated foe, even going so far as suggest that the two begin a relationship. As the battle rages on, Star Sapphire is torn between her loyalty to Sinestro and her desire to force Green Lantern to be her husband. Learning of the battle from the radio, Thomas Kalmaku rushes off to help Hal the best he can.

With his power ring drained of energy, Hal is easily defeated however before Sinestro can defeat the Green Lantern, Star Sapphire decides to that she wants Green Lantern alive and battles Sinestro. As Green Lantern struggles to get away, he is met by Thomas who has brought his power battery to him, allowing the Green Lantern to recharge his ring and rejoin the battle.

First Green Lantern uses his power to change Star Sapphire back into Carol Ferris and then begins to fight Sinestro once more. Sinestro suddenly gives up and turns over his yellow power ring to the Green Lantern. When the Green Lantern is puzzled, Sinestro explains that there are more than one way to win a battle before teleporting away.

Green Lantern then checks to see how Carol is doing and decides to tell her once and for all that she is really Star Sapphire. The news horrifies Carol who ends up fleeing from the Green Lantern in tears. Later changing back to his civilian identity of Hal Jordan, he pays one last visit to his friend Thomas and tries to deal with losing Carol.

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