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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Green Lantern Animated 'Cold Fury' Review



If Green Lantern is going to go off the air in the coming weeks, at least it's departing on an amazing note. I'll be the first to admit that I wasn't the biggest fan of the first half of Season One. It was a good dose of fun but never raised the bar or did anything to compete with some of the better animated shows. But ever since its the episode with Guy Gardner, this show has been bringing it 110% (it's just too bad that totally unexplained DC Nation break happened).

The last episode, 'Loss,' was a powerhouse. The death of Aya was predictable during that scene but still managed to pack an incredible impact and was executed in such an impressive manner (the animation with the Anti-Monitor's attacks look so good). Now she's gone and we're left seeing how everyone will react while still trying to take down the seemingly invincible Anti-Monitor. The reactions are fitting as Razer tells them about the tragedy. The guardian bluntly provides the cold but logical response (Anti-Monitor > mourning) as Kilowog and the others have a brief but somber reaction to the loss before getting back to the mission at hand. Razer's naturally hit the hardest and this is casually reflected in his posture and facial expressions during the first act. Then the first few minutes goes above and beyond to show us they're not messing around with the villain. The arrogant little Guardian is blasted apart in a fantastic looking and powerful scene... but I can't say she will be missed!

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