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Monday, April 29, 2013

CLASSIC COMIC : Iron Lantern Vol 1 #1 "Showdown at Stark Aircraft!"

Amalgam Comics
June, 1997
Executive Editor: Bob Harras
Cover Artists: Paul Smith, Atomic Paintbrush

"Showdown at Stark Aircraft!"
Writers: Kurt Busiek
Pencilers: Paul Smith
Inkers: Al Williamson, Andrew Pepoy, Greg Adams, Bob McLeod, Tom Palmer, Al Milgrom, Paul Smith
Colourists: Christie Scheele, Digital Chameleon
Letterers: Richard Starkings, Comicraft, Albert Deschesne
Editors: Tom Brevoort, Glenn Greenberg

Appearing in "Showdown at Stark Aircraft!"
Featured Characters: Iron Lantern (First appearance)
Supporting Characters: Happy Kalmaku
Harrington Ferris
Kyle O'Brien
Oa the Living Planet
Rhomann Sur (Dies in flashback)
Stewart Rhodes
Villains: Great White
Madame Sapphire
Other Characters:
Weaponers of A.I.M. (mentioned only)
Locations: Coast City
Stark Aircraft
Items: Central Power Battery
Power Battery
Vehicles: Rhomann Sur's Starship (flashback only)

Synopsis for "Showdown at Stark Aircraft!"
After Hal Stark, the Iron Lantern, drops off the evil H.E.C.T.O.R. for imprisonment on Oa, the Living Planet, he returns to Earth and reflects upon the events that led to the creation of his alien-powered armor. Pepper Ferris has to pilot a test aircraft in Hal’s absence, but the plane nearly crashes due to sabotage. Iron Lantern saves the day, and at a party later that evening, Hal and Pepper get an earful from her father, Senator Ferris. Pepper storms off, only to be possessed by a mysterious gem, turning her into the nefarious Madame Sapphire. Meanwhile, Kyle O’Brien slips away, looking to hijack the Iron Lantern armor for himself. Madame Sapphire attacks Stark Aircraft with the giant Great White, forcing Hal to don his Iron Lantern armor. He drags the massive robot shark into space, but down on Earth, Madame Sapphire captures Senator Ferris, and Kyle manages to overpower Stewart Rhodes and Happy Kamalku, then steal Iron Lantern’s power battery. With his energy cut off, Hal plummets towards Earth…and the villain responsible for Iron Lantern’s troubles is revealed, gloating in his base on the dark side of the moon: the evil Mandarinestro!

Appearing in "Sock It to Oa"
Featured Characters:
Bethany Stark
Black Brand
Dr. Whiplash
Happy Kalmaku
Human Lantern
Iron Lantern
Iron Lantern 5700
Jack Stark
Janice Doremus
Jim Stark
Kyle O'Brien
Madame Sapphire
Magneto and the Magnetic Men
Olivia Stane
Rhomann Sur
Stewart Rhodes
Sunset Vane

Synopsis for "Sock It to Oa"
Letters page, fake fan letters referenced past issues, with a notable letter singing the praises of Arno Manning, the Iron Lantern of the year 5700. (Longtime fans of both Green Lantern and Iron Man are well aware of what that means.)

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