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Thursday, April 11, 2013

DC Villains Month For September 2013


Tip of the hat to a retailer friend for this one. The newest DC Comics trade catalog lists the following:
DC New 52 Villains Omnibus
In September 2013, evil took over, as every title in the DC Universe published special new #1s featuring the villains of the DC Universe, collected here in a massive hardcover edition.

A giant-size, hardcover omnibus collection of the special "villains issues" published line-wide in September 2013, spotlighting the greatest villains of the DCU.
Following on the heels of last September's line-wide zero issues and its resultant DC Comics: The New 52 Zero Omnibus (and before that, the original DC Comics: The New 52 Omnibus), indeed the rumors are true -- this coming September will have new issue #1 villain titles, with an omnibus to follow in December.

Fifty-six of 'em in all, apparently. Let's see ... Lex Luthor, Joker, Sinestro ...

At some point this omnibus will be available for pre-order at the link, but it's still too early at the moment.

Note: DC also announced a New Documentary On DC Supervillains a couple of weeks back so it does seem to go along with this news.

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