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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Relic's Origin Will Begin In GL Variant Covers

From MTV Geek

Relic’s origin story will begin to be told in the form of a series of black & white variant covers across all of the “Green Lantern” family of titles from June through August. Drawn by Rags Morales (ACTION COMICS), these variant covers will all give clues to how Relic came to be, and will be collected – fully lettered, in color, and with additional new pages – in the series’ September issue.

“When you very first encounter him, he will be a fully formed menace, but you will get the backstory of how he got to be that way,” GREEN LANTERN writer Robert Venditti revealed to MTV GEEK about Relic. “He’s a completely new character not based on any pre-existing character.”

As for the impact Relic will have on the Green Lantern universe? According to Venditti, he will “tie together every Lantern of every color that has ever appeared in any comic book ever.” Talk about a big bad!
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