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Monday, May 16, 2011

Carol Ferris Bio

From DC By Pamela Mullin


carol_reisREAL NAME: Carol Ferris
OCCUPATION: Pilot / Administrator
HEIGHT: 5’ 7”
WEIGHT: 123 lbs
EYES: Brown
HAIR: Black
FIRST APPEARANCE: Showcase vol. 1 #22 (September/October, 1959)
AKA: Sapphire
BACKGROUND from the comic books:
Carol Ferris grew up on the runway of Ferris Air, an airbase owned by her father Carl Ferris. She would often watch test flights from her Dad’s office, along with her friend Hal Jordan, the son of pilot Martin H. Jordan. During a test run flown by Martin, Hal and Carol witnessed the plane malfunction and explode killing his father. Undeterred by this tragedy, the determined Carol still dreamt of becoming a pilot herself.

Carol went on to become a skilled pilot for Ferris Air answering to the codename Sapphire. Although she is slated to inherit her father’s aviation company, her love of flying is too great to fathom one day removing her helmet and running the business stuck behind a desk.
When Hal was hired by Ferris Air, Carol and her childhood friend became reacquainted. Her outspoken attitude quickly drew Hal’s attention and the attraction was mutual. Despite how she feels about him, Carol is hardheaded about never mixing business and pleasure. It is hard to say if this strong-willed woman of authority and the cocky test pilot will ever be together.
  • Expert pilot.
  • Authoritative and outspoken.
  • Meticulous hard worker.
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