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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Interview With Paul Parducci, Voice Of G'Hu, In Green Lantern!

Written by Charles Pluck From Comicus.
An interview with actor Paul Parducci , who attended film adaptation of Green Lantern , lending his voice to the character of the Green Lantern G'Hu.

How did you get to work on Green Lantern ?

Just your average audition.

In Green Lantern you do not play a character in person, But You give HIM your voice. In this case what kind of instruction from the director did you get?

Martin Campbell Had Me working physically in the space. Instead of working in static mic, he HAD me moving from one to Another.

Being a director yourself, how do you judge Martin Campbell's work?

I think Martin is one of the best directors working today. That I'm One Of Those directors like to work with a shot-list and Planned my whole day, I know I tend to favor Directors That shows up in the morning Knowing What They Want.
As an actor I am Old-school, Meaning That For me, the director is the Boss. That I have to trust the story he has in His Head. From the second I met Martin in the parking lot at Warner Brothers, I knew That Both Knew what he wanted and he Knew Exactly What He Was doing.

You lent your voice in two games too: Mafia II and LA Noire, is it a different job to work for dubber for games and movies?

No difference for me. My job as an actor is to be somebody else Truthfully.

Did You Already Know G'Hu's character? How did you prepare yourself for the part?

I Studied the History of the Lantern Corp. G'Hu His foundation is at a Soldier, so I started there. Since the approach to role-preparation the Same Way, I Had to find HIM physically as well. Whether or not I am seen or heard, real is real and my goal is always to bring a living breathing character to the story.
I Studied all of the available images and Gh'u Eventually Was Able to "fill" the character. In the case of Gh'u I found the character in my fingers.

Is it Easier or harder to work with a non-Than-real character with a real one?

I view the work as the same. No difference at all.

You Took part to a number of TV serials Such That It is hard to list Them, Can We Still Say That the movie world and the television are different one?

Movies in general give you more time to find and Develop a path for the character, But at the end of the day, the work as an actor is the same: Tell the truth.

What are your future projects?

I'm in the middle of a film I am directing and acting in Both. I never talk about projects until They Are Done.
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