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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Review Of Green Lantern Corps # 60

Green Lantern Corps #60 (Published by DC Comics; Review by David Pepose from If you pick up one Green Lantern book this week, you should probably make it this one — it can be a little rough around the edges, but if you're looking for big progression, this is where it's at. In a lot of ways, Tony Bedard is more of shaping setup and mythology rather than delving into the characters of John Stewart and Kyle Rayner, but considering how many questions War of the Green Lanterns has provoked, that's not necessarily a bad thing: We see what Kyle can do with a blue power ring that in every other issue has backfired on him, we see John make a difficult choice that I'm sure will define him moving forward — we even get to see some fallout from Blackest Night, for people who were reading it back in 2009. Of course, new readers will probably not know any of this, but seriously, if you're starting to read Green Lantern in Part Eight of a story like War of the Green Lanterns, well, that's probably going be what happens. Tyler Kirkham, meanwhile, knows how to draw badass — I get that, and as he gets closer to the end, Bedard gives him a ton of material to work with. But sometimes his focus still needs some work, with pages that don't have diehard action sometimes being formless with the composition. All in all, this book may ride on the strength of its fireworks, but for Green Lantern Corps #60, the fireworks are certainly big enough.
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