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Monday, May 23, 2011

Sinestro's Bio

From DC Comics by Pamela Mullin


REAL NAME: Thaal Sinestro
OCCUPATION: Green Lantern/Galactic Protector
HEIGHT: 6’ 7″
WEIGHT: 204 lbs
EYES: Black
HAIR: Black
FIRST APPEARANCE: Green Lantern vol. 2 #7 (July/August, 1961)
AKA: Green Lantern

BACKGROUND from the comic books:
Sinestro, a magenta-skinned humanoid, hails from the planet Korugar. As a rookie Green Lantern he was trained by Abin Sur. The two quickly became friends despite differing opinions on how to protect the universe. These comrades became family when Sinestro married Abin’s sister, Arin Sur.

Sinestro has become known as the greatest Green Lantern for freeing Korugar from all forms of oppression and preserving order in his sector. The Guardians of the Universe consider Sinestro a role model for the entire Corps and one of the few beings they trust.
Abin’s recent death at the hands of the creature Parallax has deeply saddened the stoic Sinestro. He is hesitant to accept Abin’s successor Hal Jordan, resenting the fact he’s been assigned by the Guardians to mentor him. Though Sinestro demands respect and is admired by the entire Corps, Hal seems unimpressed creating tension between the two.
This mustachioed police officer hates leaving his sector for any length of time. Without his guidance, Sinestro feels chaos will result. He believes his iron-fisted rule is necessary to protect the galaxy despite what the Korugarians and the rest of sector 1417 believe.
  • Green Lantern ring allows for a protective shield and energy constructs.
  • Constructs are strong, fast and effective. Only created to get the job done in the quickest and most efficient manner possible.
  • Regal, demanding respect from all.
  • Does not put up with nuisances.
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