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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

CLASSIC COMICS : Green Lantern Vol 2 #134 "Mind Over Magnetism"

Green Lantern Vol 2 #134
November, 1980
Executive Editor: Joe Orlando
Cover Artists: Dick Giordano

"Mind Over Magnetism"
Writers: Marv Wolfman
Pencilers: Alex Saviuk
Inkers: Dave Hunt
Colourists: Adrienne Roy
Letterers: Ben Oda
Editors: Jack C. Harris

Writers: Laurie S. Sutton
Pencilers: Rodin Rodriguez
Inkers: Tex Blaisdell
Colourists: Jerry Serpe
Editors: Jack C. Harris

Appearing in "Mind Over Magnetism"
Featured Characters: Green Lantern (Hal Jordan)
Supporting Characters: Carol Ferris
Tegra Kalmaku
Tom Kalmaku
Villains: Doctor Polaris
Other Characters: Abin Sur (flashback only)
Unnamed National Geographic Scientists
Various unnamed Los Angeles residents
Locations: California
Coast City
Los Angeles
New York City
North Pole
Washington, D.C.
Items: Green Lantern Ring

Synopsis for "Mind Over Magnetism"
Doctor Polaris has trapped Green Lantern at the North Pole, stolen his power ring and traveled to Los Angeles where he combines the ring's power and his own magentic powers into enthralling the population into mindless zombies. With each person he affects, he grows stronger and manages to fight off an attack by several military vehicles. At the North Pole, Green Lantern manages to free himself from the restraining device he had been trapped in and begins a long journey towards civilization. He manages to catch a fish, fend off a polar bear (during which he falls into the freezing waters) and a wolf, become snow blind and still stumble upon a scientific expedition which takes him to safety. In New York City, Carol Ferris is kidnapped. The government cancels their contract with Ferris Aircraft which will put it out of business. Shortly afterwards Ferris Aircraft's location is bombed. Tom Kalmaku contemplates suicide when he is found by a still-blind Hal Jordan who needs his help.

Appearing in "Earth-Ground"
Featured Characters: Adam Strange
Villains: Kaskor
Alva Xar
Other Characters: Various unnamed Rannians
Locations: Rann
Items: Adam Strange's Ray Gun
Molecular Disruptor
Rannian Jet Pack

Synopsis for "Earth-Ground"
Last issue Adam Strange managed to sneak into Kaskor's secret headquarters and overheard his invasion plans. Kaskor tortures Adam with his Molecular Disruptor but Adam refuses to talk. Kaskor realizes he needs to leave to start the invasion and leaves Adam in the hands of Alva Xar to continue the torture. Alva reveals that the Disruptor was jury-rigged from Adam's Zeta-transmitter. Adam realizes the way to escape is to goad Alva into accelerating the machine so it overloads the circuitry. As the machinery starts to break down, Adam convinces Alva that the machine will explode and kill them both if he doesn't shut down the power. Alva does so freeing Adam who defeats Alva and storms the awaiting guards screaming like a madman which scares them off. Adam heads into some catacombs which lead him to a secret compartment where he keeps his extra equipment. He finds his Jet Pack just as the places begins to explode. Adam discovers that every exit has been sealed but, just as the base is about to explode, Adam's Zeta radiation wears off and he transports unconcious to Earth.

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