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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

CLASSIC COMICS : Green Lantern Vol 2 #23 "Threat Of The Tattooed Man!"

Green Lantern Vol 2 #23
September, 1963
Cover Artists: Gil Kane, Murphy Anderson

"Threat of the Tattooed Man!"
Writers: Gardner Fox
Pencilers: Gil Kane
Inkers: Frank Giacoia, Joe Giella

"The Green Lantern Disasters!"
Writers: Gardner Fox
Pencilers: Gil Kane
Inkers: Joe Giella

Appearing in "Threat of the Tattooed Man!"
Featured Characters: Green Lantern
Supporting Characters: Carol Ferris
Villains: Tattooed Man  (First appearance)

Synopsis for "Threat of the Tattooed Man!"
After having his portrait painted by artist Lee Kerr for an art exhibition (which leaves Carol madly jealous when she sees that Lee is an attractive woman) The gallery is robbed by the Tattooed Man, a sailor who's tattoos become reality once he touches them. Using them to best Green Lantern in combat, the Tattooed Man manages to escape with the loot he had come to steal. As he gets away he recounts how he got his powers one day while breaking into a science lab and finding a special ink that turns whatever is drawn with it into reality.
Freeing himself from the tattoo eagle that was created to carry him away, Green Lantern suspects that Tattooed Man's next theft will be of two priceless crowns and so uses his power ring to coat them with a radiation that will set off his power ring if they are taken from their display cases. Sure enough, the Tattooed Man strikes again, and this time Hal is ready for him. Hoping to get away by blinding Green Lantern and making all his tattoos disappear so that he can make a getaway. However Green Lantern had managed to protect himself and is able to catch the Tattooed Man and turn him over to the police.

Appearing in "The Green Lantern Disasters!"
Featured Characters: Green Lantern
Supporting Characters: Xax
Guardians of the Universe
Villains: Wasp Gang

Synopsis for "The Green Lantern Disasters!"
When the Guardians of the Universe have not heard back from Xax the insectile Green Lantern from the planet Xao, they contact Hal Jordan and send him on a mission to learn what happened to his fellow Green Lantern. Flying to the planet Xao, Hal finds that the planet has been over run by the Wasp Gang, who had learned the color yellow is immune to the Green Lantern's power ring.
The Wasp Gang then plots to use the the yellow leaves of Xao to make the power rings useless on the planet. However, Hal sends Xax to use his power ring to speed up the planets season rotation making it summer and making the leaves change yellow. Thereby allowing the two Green Lanterns to use their power rings without issue, and they easily defeat the Wasp Gang and restore order to the planet Xao.

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