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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Review Of Green Lantern: New Guardians Annual #1

From The Indigo Tribe

While Arkillo and Saint Walker investigate the remains of a Third Army attack, Kyle Rayner and Carol Ferris travel to Zamaron to seek the counsel of the Star Sapphires. Kyle is brushed aside to train with a hulking Star Sapphire, and their queen sends the other Lanterns to the Tenebrian Dominion to break the Guardians’ nonaggression treaty with Lady Styx. They figure her reprisal will help push back against the Third Army, and they’ll need deep cover Green Lantern Jediah Caul to get the Lanterns in. Jediah hooks them up with smugglers, but the seedy group sells out Carol to a game show called The Hunted once they arrive in Dominion space. Saint Walker and Arkillo threaten Jediah into helping her, but it’s of no use; they’re forced to flee Dominion territory while Jediah himself is captured and thrown into The Hunted.
I had high hopes for this book...

Click here for the full review.
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