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Monday, March 4, 2013

CLASSIC COMIC : Green Lantern Vol 2 #159 "When Evil Stars Begin To Fall!"

Green Lantern Vol 2 #159
December, 1982
Cover Artists: Keith Pollard

"When Evil Stars Begin To Fall!"
Writers: Mike W. Barr
Pencilers: Keith Pollard
Inkers: Mike DeCarlo
Colourists: Anthony Tollin
Letterers: Ben Oda
Editors: Ernie Colon

"Eyes Of The Sea!"
Writers: Bob Rozakis
Pencilers: Jerome Moore
Inkers: Rodin Rodriguez
Colourists: Nansi Hoolahan
Letterers: Phil Felix

Appearing in "When Evil Stars Begin To Fall!"
Featured Characters: Green Lantern
Supporting Characters: Eddore
Villains: Evil Star
Vehicles: Green Lantern Cruiser

Synopsis for "When Evil Stars Begin To Fall!"
Green Lantern is attacked in deep space by Evil Star and his Starlings, and to spare him from turning others evil with his newfound power, offers to be corrupted himself in their stead.

Appearing in "Eyes Of The Sea!"
Featured Characters: Penelops
Locations: Sector 1355

Synopsis for "Eyes Of The Sea!"
The aquatic Green Lantern, Penelops of Penelo, finds the seas of his world being artificially heated to a boil.

Review from
This issue of Green Lantern was released by DC Comics in December 1982, written by Mike W. Barr, penciled by Keith Pollard, Inked by Mike DeCarlo, Anthony Tollin on colors, Ben Oda on letters, and Ernie Colon is the editor. After a time, Evil Star makes his return. As it turns out during this issue, Evil Star has the power to warp others into his mindless minions and turn them rather evil.

Evil Star does have some intriguing powers, but half of the time, I just can’t get past his name. Evil Star’s name is rather a sticking point but I keep trying to tell myself that it was a different time in comic books. And there are some cool visual and some rather great moments throughout this issue of Green Lantern. That is one thing that I would rather enjoy with Green Lantern, as there is never a shortage of excitement, even if the depth can be all over the board.

Evil Star blotting out the stars with a big old hand for instance was one such moment of greatness.

Naturally like most villains, Evil Star has his own downfall and that his own creations appear to be a little bit too good. A point which Hal Jordan exploits for the win. And another villain is out. Very much a 1980s comic book plot of a villain having a plan, things appearing to be hopeless, the hero offering a sacrifice, and then in the end, managing to get the way out.

It won’t be rather something that will lead to anything ground breaking. As it was in this issue of Green Lantern it does its trick and really leads to an issue that while is not one that you should go out of your way to get, this issue is not devoid of any quality. And when you spend about ten minutes or whatever reading a comic book, you want to feel like your ten minutes is not wasted

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