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Thursday, March 21, 2013

John Stewart To Be Killed Off?

We learned that Josh Hale Fialkov had departed Green Lantern Corps as well as Red Lanterns due to differences with Editorial.

Now the exact reason why is known -- it has to do with the death of Green Lantern John Stewart.

Initally, Dan DiDio apologized and made promises related to editorial screw-ups, in that they were all done with that.

Guess not, as we learn from Bleeding Cool that editorial wanted Fialkov to change his Green Lantern story and kill off John Stewart.

With that, Fialkov left.

CBR has also reportedly confirmed the news as well.

Update: Bleeding Cool has reported that John  Stewart will now not be killed off, guess we will have to wait and see...As The Lantern Glows (soap opera pun).
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