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Monday, March 11, 2013

CLASSIC COMIC : Green Lantern Vol 2 #9 "Battle of the Power Rings!"

Green Lantern Vol 2 #9
December, 1961
Executive Editor: Julius Schwartz
Cover Artists: Gil Kane, Murphy Anderson

"Battle of the Power Rings!"
Writers: John Broome
Pencilers: Gil Kane
Inkers: Murphy Anderson
Letterers: Gaspar Saladino
Editors: Julius Schwartz

"Green Lantern's Brother Act!"
Writers: John Broome
Pencilers: Gil Kane
Inkers: Joe Giella
Letterers: Gaspar Saladino
Editors: Julius Schwartz

Appearing in "Battle of the Power Rings!"
Featured Characters: Green Lantern (Hal Jordan)
Supporting Characters: Green Lantern Corps
Xax (First appearance)
Chaselon (First appearance)
Larvox (First appearance)
NautKeLoi (First appearance)
Rori Stroh (First appearance)
Guardians of the Universe
Villains: Sinestro  (flashback and main story)
Packer Gang (Single appearance)
Locations: California
Coast City
Ferris Aircraft
Items: Green Lantern Ring
Green Lantern Power Battery
Yellow Power Ring (First appearance)
Central Power Battery (First appearance)

Synopsis for "Battle of the Power Rings!"
After Green Lantern's power ring fails on him fighting crimes on Earth, figuring there is something wrong with the charge, he returns to the Ferris Aircraft Company to recharge his ring. He falls right into a trap laid out by Sinestro, who has a power ring of his own and uses it to freeze Hal in place. Sinestro explains that he made the ring -- which siphons power off power ring energy -- before Green Lantern imprisoned him during their last battle, and used it to escape the prison he was placed into. Trapping Hal in a energy cage, Sinestro then uses his ring to change his appearance to look like Green Lantern, as part of a plot to destroy the Guardians of the Universe.
Infiltrating a meeting of Green Lanterns from various sectors of space, "Hal Jordan" creates a menace for them to destroy with their power rings, little knowing that their "ally" is siphoning the energy from their power rings that he needs to attack the guardians. With his mission a success Sinestro leaves, dropping his disguise, to attack the Guardians on Oa.

Meanwhile, back on Earth, Hal manages to free himself from Sinestro's cage when he realizes he can harmlessly pass through it if he's not wearing his Green Lantern uniform. Traveling to Oa, Hal spots Sinestro trying to break through the barriers that protect the Guardians home. Attacking Sinestro, the two engage in a battle of power rings, however Sinestro keeps on drawing power from Hal's power ring. Coming up with an idea, Hal feeds Sinestro more power than his ring can handle, causing it to explode in his hands. Defeated, Sinestro is subdued by Hal until the other Green Lanterns arrive. Recharging their power rings, the entire group combine their powers to trap Sinestro in a capsule and send him off into space.

Appearing in "Green Lantern's Brother Act!"
Featured Characters: Green Lantern (Hal Jordan)
Supporting Characters: Jim Jordan (First appearance)
Jack Jordan (First appearance)
Sue Williams (First appearance)
Villains: Punchy (Single appearance)
Looie (Single appearance)
Other Characters: Pieface
Locations: California
Coast City
Items: Green Lantern Ring

Synopsis for "Green Lantern's Brother Act!"
When Jack Jordan is running for the job of District Attorney, his brothers Jim and Hal help him out on the campaign trail. When reporter Sue Williams is assigned to the case to find a big story about the three brothers that'll scoop the other papers, she begins to think that maybe one of the Jordan brothers is really the Green Lantern. Believing it's the youngest and least remarkable brother, Jim Jordan, Sue sets out to interview him and try to expose him as Green Lantern.
During an interview she purposely makes herself fall off the side of a building hoping that Jim will change into Green Lantern and save her. When Hal (making a patrol as Green Lantern) saves her just as he is happening by, she begins to suspect that Jim really is the Green Lantern. When Jack is captured by crooks who want to kill him, Green Lantern saves Jack. When Sue arrives to report the story, she kiss Green Lantern with a lipstick that won't come off for 24 hours, hoping to see Jim with lipstick on his face when she makes a visit to the Jordan home. When Jim answers the door he is wearing adhesive tape on his face. Although Jim tells her he cut himself shaving, she becomes convinced that Jim is the Green Lantern. Several weeks later, Jack is elected D.A.

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