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Friday, March 22, 2013

Robert Venditti On Taking Over GREEN LANTERN


GREEN LANTERN is one a DC Comics title that has remained consistent over the years. Carrying over most of the continuity from before The New 52 is one reason. Having Geoff Johns as the writer for nine years is another reason. It was announced in February that Johns was leaving and Robert Venditti will be taking over.

What can we expect from Venditti? We asked him a few questions to try to find out what we can.

Comic Vine: How does it feel to be the writer for GREEN LANTERN after Geoff Johns' nine-year run?

Robert Venditti: Hal Jordan is one of the most iconic characters in all of comics, and getting a chance to take on GREEN LANTERN is something I never imagined would happen. It definitely isn’t the sort of opportunity that comes along every day. There’s obviously no small amount of pressure that comes with this type of job, but I try not to dwell on that. All I can do it tell the kinds of stories I like to tell the way I know how to tell them. Hopefully, readers will enjoy the result.

CV: When did you first find out you were getting this gig?

RV: December. I flew to New York and verbally pitched my story ideas to the editors and execs at DC, which was a bit nerve-racking. Since I’m a writer, I’d never describe myself as a strong verbal pitchman. But by that time, I’d spent so many weeks going over the story in my head and on paper, I was able to muddle through.

CV: About how far out have you mapped out your stories?

RV: It’s difficult to say. I have several storylines and subplots ready to go, but I’ve learned that writing for monthly comics can be a very fluid process. Some arcs take more time than originally planned, and others take less. It’s entirely possible I’ll come up with a new story idea, and things will go in an unexpected direction. I will say that I’m scripting our fourth issue right now, so I suppose at least that much is carved in stone.

CV: How closely will your title run with GREEN LANTERN CORPS or GREEN LANTERN: NEW GUARDIANS? [Note: This was asked before it was announced Venditti would be co-writer on GL CORPS].

RV: There will be common threads running through all the titles, but the intent is to have each stand on its own as a story as well.

CV: What can you tell us about the direction you're taking the GREEN LANTERN? Will it be focused on Earth, in space or both?

RV: It’ll be very cosmic in the beginning. New alien races and new worlds—there’s one issue that will have not one single person or place that has ever been shown in a GREEN LANTERN comic before. Given the events that will transpire by the end of Geoff’s run, it just makes sense to start in space for awhile.

CV: What sort of antagonists will you use, new ones or old ones?

RV: The first long-form story will feature a pair of new antagonists, but there will be some familiar faces, too. All the villains will be connected, though, even it they don’t realize why or how.

CV: What's the biggest threat or obstacle for any Green Lantern?

RV: Something you haven’t read about yet. But you will in September.

CV: I know we may have to wait for the events of Wrath of the First Lantern to be over but can you tell us what you have planned for Hal Jordan? What's this about the Corps becoming the "most feared and hated group in the universe"?

RV: The Green Lantern Corps is a creation of and is led by the Guardians, and lately the Guardians’ leadership has been suspect to say the least. If they’d had their way, freewill would’ve been eradicated from the universe during the Rise of the Third Army event. So, you know, the Corps has understandably lost some credibility with the average citizen. That’s one of the many challenges Hal will have to cope with as he guides the Corps into the next era of its history.

CV: Is green now your favorite color? Will you be wearing more green to comic conventions?

RV: Violet is my favorite color. I’m a lover, not a fighter.

You can check out Robert's first issue of GREEN LANTERN with #21, on sale June 5.

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