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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Green Lantern's Uncertain Future

It seems that Green Lantern maybe hitting a crossroads so to speak. With what has gone on recently, creative changes, the animated series ending after only one season, mixed reception to recent story lines, as well as the bad movie reviews and sales, there is an uncertain future. Not that this hasn't happened before, the series has been canceled, new main Lanterns introduced (Guy, John, Kyle, and Simon), creator changes but arguably Green Lantern has never been on a high like it has in recent years. Since Geoff Johns took over in 2005 we've seen Green Lantern become a top selling comic, with 4 ongoings, spawned top selling toy lines with over 40 plus figures, introduced the multi colored Corps, a number of animated videos, the TV series, big budget movie and he has rewritten the Green Lantern mythology. The characters popularity has never been higher whether you liked what he did or not, so he does deserve some credit. But with what has happened recently including Johns leaving the books one must wonder what will happen. While Johns is still "there" who is maybe making the decisions is anyone's guess, the possible death of John Stewart set off a fire storm with fans who were already not happy with the cancellation of the animated series. So what does DC do now, creator changes are necessary, introducing new characters and even killing off current ones, new story lines, can all spur interest with new readers and old alike. Still DC needs to be careful how this is all handled and unfortunately it hasn't been handled overly well as of late. Should John Stewart be killed off, maybe but it has to be handle right and can be a necessary evil so to speak and there are going to be fans that won't agree with it, look what happened when Kyle took over Hal's fans revolted, but in the long run it all worked out and Hal is back anyway. DC needs to just do good stories and let the chips (or Ch'ps) fall where they may, they will not please everyone but they need to make a true effort to keep fans happy and interested, had they keep the animated series going then killing off Stewart would not have been as big a deal. Two wrongs can't be righted very easy but one wrong can be righted in time remember it's comics no one stays dead, even the dead.
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