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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Green Lantern: The Animated Series - 'Scarred' Review


Green Lantern: The Animated Series has transformed into a ginormous tsunami of raw emotion over the past few episodes. The Aya / Razer relationship has undergone brilliant developments and 'Scarred' is yet another excellent chapter in this engrossing final tale.

'Scarred' reveals Aya's complex origin story and there's a very interesting twist thrown into the mix. It turns out she's not as artificial as she believes and this adds even more empathy for her (as if there wasn't enough already!). Naturally, this development is huge for Razer since he's no longer in love with just "a machine" and this is sure to make the conclusion even more of a tearjerker.

GL:TAS has managed to produce some witty lines and fun action, and 'Scarred' definitely does not disappoint. From LAME-O's interactions ("You told me to shut up!") to a spectacular looking space sequence, this show continues to be an ever-growing bundle of fun. I know when it comes to the animation some of you aren't fans of the character anatomy, but there's so much more to appreciate here. From the massive Anti-Aya destroying a world to Razer's flowing and almost hypnotic shield, this show's a highly detailed and vibrant spectacle.

Sure, it was super predictable that their solution wouldn't work (there's two episodes left, after all), but that didn't matter because everything was executed in such a fantastic and engrossing manner. There was a glimmer of hope when it came to Razer making a breakthrough with Aya, but now that's clearly gone (talk about a powerful backhand) and has me anxious yet nervous to see what follows. Despite it being tragic, I couldn't help but love seeing Aya rock the Interceptor with a brutal combo.

With only two chapters left I'm thrilled to see how they'll wrap everything up. How will the Guardians react to the latest information? Will Aya now cast aside any and all emotion and conduct a massive assault with her Manhunters? Will we get a happy ending with Razer and Aya... or will we have to go through the heartbreak of seeing her die (again). Regardless of what happens next, I'm confident it'll be exceptional.

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